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  • PALACE IMPORTS products are warranted to the original purchaser against defects in material or workmanship in the furniture. Defects as mentioned in this warranty refer to any imperfections which may impair the use of the product. Our warranty is expressly limited to the replacement of furniture parts and components for one year following the date of purchase.

  • PALACE IMPORTS will replace any part that is defective. This warranty applies under conditions of normal use. Our furniture products are not intended for outdoor use. The warranty does not cover defects caused by improper assembly or disassembly, defects occurring after purchase due to product modifications, intentional damage, accident, misuse, exposure to the elements and labor or assembly costs.

  • New furniture smell is not covered by this warranty. It is normal for all new furniture to have non-toxic off-gassing that dissipates with time. Many smell removal remedies are available online.

  • PALACE IMPORTS reserves the right to request proof of purchase to document a warranty claim. In no event shall PALACE IMPORTS be liable for incidental or consequent damages resulting from the misuse of the product.

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