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Established in 1999, Palace Imports, Inc. has been importing exclusively designed furniture from Brazil since 2004 offering products that are durable, aesthetically pleasing, functional and affordable. The best material to accomplish this is pine.

All our items are made of 100% farm grown Brazilian solid pine wood. We use the species grown in the renewable environmentally-friendly tree plantations in Southern Brazil. No particleboard or MDF is used which means no harmful formaldehyde emissions. Wood is kiln dried to prevent splitting and size distortion. Pine furniture will last for decades and can be easily repaired if damaged.

Pine is more expensive than man-made materials, but is cheaper than hardwoods. That makes it a great value!

All furniture pieces are painted in identical colors making them perfectly compatible as a set. Only kid-safe non-toxic lead-free paint is used in compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s requirements. Paint protects wood from moisture, brings out its beautiful wood grain and allows you to match our furniture with other pieces in your home.

To assure quality, our own quality control representatives spot-check every production batch. Our knock-down design allows every part to be easily and promptly replaced without the need of sending the entire item back.

We take pride in our unique furniture collection because every item has been designed by our own team of professionals focusing on the customers’ needs and attention to detail.


Hope you’ll enjoy it should you decide to buy from us!

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